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Be a Master in Mutual Funds

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You will learn in this Package

  •   What Is Mutual Fund?  
  •   Fund Managers Role?  
  •   What Is NAV?  
  •   Should You Invest In An NFO?  
  •   Growth VS Dividend Reinvestment Option In Mutual Fund  
  •   Growth VS Dividend Option In Mutual Fund  
  •   Open Ended VS Closed Ended Funds  
  •   Classification Of Equity Mutual Funds Based On Market Capitalization  
  •   What Are Equity Mutual Funds?  
  •   What Are Balanced Funds?  
  •   Equity Saving Funds  
  •   What Is ELSS  
  •   Fixed Deposits VS Debit Funds  
  •   Savings Accounts VS Liquid Funds  
  •   What Are Index Funds?  
  •   What is Debt Mutual Fund?  
  •   What Is An ETF?  
  •   Debt Fund Classification Based on Time Horizon  
  •   Debt Funds-When and Why?  
  •   What Are Monthly Income Plans?  
  •   BHARAT22-ETF  
  •   How To Track Your Fund?  
  •   Taxation of Debt Funds  
  •   What Is a Benchmark And a Category  
  •   MIP VS SWP  
  •   SEBI Simplifies Mutual Fund Categories-PART1-Equity  
  •   Advantages of ELSS  
  •   Rolling Returns  
  •   What is Dividend Stripping?  
  •   DIVIDEDS In Stocks And Mutual Funds Are Not Same Why?  
  •   Top 5 Myths about Investing in Mutual Funds  
  •   TRI Index  
  •   What are Arbitrage Funds?  
  •   Benefits of Balanced Funds  
  •   SEBI Simplifies Mutual Fund categories-PART3-Equity  
  •   Riskometer of Mutual Funds  
  •   How to compare Funds Based On Risk and Returns Parameter  
  •   Three Reason to Sell Mutual Fund  
Basic Mutual Funds Program

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A mutual fund is a company that pools money from many investors and invests the money in securities such as stocks, bonds, and short-term debt. The combined holdings of the mutual fund are known as its portfolio. Investors buy shares in mutual funds.

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What is Mutual Funds?
What is NAV?
Fund Manager Role
Growth VS Dividend Reinvestment option in Mutual Funds
Open Ended VS Closed Ended Fund
What are Equity Mutual Funds
Equity Saving Funds
Fixed Deposits VS Debt Funds
What are Index Funds?
What is an ETF?
Growth VS Dividend option in Mutual Funds
Classification of Equity Mutual Funds Based on Market Capitalization
What are Balanced Funds?
What is ELSS?
Savings Account VS Liquid Funds
What are Debt Mutual Funds?
Debt Fund Classification Based on Time Horizon
Debit Funds When and Why?
Taxation of Debit Funds
Advantages of ELSS
What is Dividend Striping?
Top 5 Myths about Investing in Mutual Fund
What are Arbitrage Funds
SEBI Simplifies Mutual Fund Categories Part 1
How to Compare Funds Based on Risk and Returns Parameters
What are Monthly Income Plans?
How to Track Your Funds?
What is a Benchmark and a Category
SEBI Simplifies Mutual Fund Categories Part 3
Rolling Returns
Dividends in Stocks and Mutual Fund are not same Why?
TRI Index
Benefits of Balanced Funds
Riskometer of Mutual Funds
Three Reasons to sell Mutual Funds