Event Management for Beginners

Learn the process for creating great events.

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Event Management Program

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Imagine you just volunteered to help organize the company Christmas Party, the school fete, the football club social night your cousins wedding and you have no idea where to start Don't let this opportunity pass you by without giving it your very best effort. What most people think is that event management is easy and they go over budget or they under deliver on customer or attendee expectations. If you are looking at this course then you are not most people and you understand that you don't know it all and you can use some help!

If this is you then this course is most definitely for you. Drawing on 25 years experience organizing some of the biggest events in Australia Lisa Price will take you through seven steps to organizing brilliant events. It doesn't matter if your event is small or large this course will set you up for success and make sure you sound like you know what you are doing! With over an hour of video along with additional resources and set tasks you will learn strategies used the world over by event gurus.

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